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For 30-yrs, The quality of the water in the area lakes have improved greatly since the Hamilton Lake Conservancy - A Sewer Plant was formed.
A Sewer Works Utility
"Protecting Our Lakes for Your Enjoyment"

Hamilton Lake Conservancy


The Employees and Board of Directors of the Hamilton Lake Conservancy District would like to
wish all of our Customers and their Families a Very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.  Have a safe and blessed Holiday Season

The Hamilton Lake Conservancy operates and maintains a sewage treatment plant and collection system that services the homes and businesses of the Town of Hamilton, Indiana including Hamilton Lake, Terry Lake and Ball Lake. 
The Treatment Plant discharges the treated water to Fish Creek.

To report sewer alarms
other sewer emergencies call 260-667-4330. Please give your address and telephone number.  There is someone on call 24/7.


Sometimes the grinder station can be broken and the alarm will not turn on. If you suspect a problem because your drains are gurgling, toilet goes down slowly or the ground around the station is wet, Please call us
before you call a plumber. We will come and check
the grinder station and make sure it is operating. 
We do not charge for a service call!

(photo) Typical residential sewer alarm box water, G7-11.

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(Pictured) Dam located at Hamilton lake

"Protecting Our Lakes for Your Enjoyment"
We are a sewer company.

FRAMED or prints available: Stunning Lake Photos of Hamilton Lake are available for the holidays!
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Decade+ of Perfect scores for Hamilton Lake Conservancy - State Board Audit completed

November 12, 2013 at 10:24am

The Hamilton Lake Conservancy is audited by the State Board of Accounts
every 3 years.  All financial records are audited:  Accounts payable, Accounts receivable, Payroll, Utility Billing, Bank records, all funds. 

Once again, Financial Clerk, Cynthia Oberlin, received a perfect score!!

The auditor is quoted, " [Cindi Oberlin] has some of the best kept records
I have ever examined." 

Cindi has had a perfect score on each State Board audit since she became Financial Clerk in 2000. What a proud accomplishment for Cindi Oberlin
and the Hamilton Lake Conservancy, a non-profit organization.


(Above) Cindi Oberlin, Financial Clerk at Hamilton Lake Conservancy, Hamilton, Indiana.

MAP:  7405 S. Wayne Street

(Pictured) Technician sampling water quality


Hamilton Lake still has lowest rates in
Steuben County. The last rate
increase was in 2013 and 2007.

Notice: Ordinance 2013-1

establishing a rate increase for
the customers of the
Hamilton Lake Conservancy.

The new rates are:

$41.25 for Single family residence/condo
$30.95 for Apartment
-- $30.95 for Mobile Home park/occupied pad
$36.08 for duplex/ 1/2 unit



In order to keep our maintenance cost down, please do not flush the following items:

  • Feminine Sanitary items
  • Any type of wipe (baby, handy etc.)
  • Large amounts of hair
  • Clothing, rags
  • Cooking oil or grease

These items can damage the pumps
and or controls causing unnecessary

NOTE: Illegal sump pump
connections cause
our collection system to be

If you have a sump pump that is used
to pump water from a crawl space,
footer or any groundwater
run off, Make sure it is NOT being
discharged into the sanitary sewer.




Visit our office

7405 S. Wayne Street
Mail: PO Box 331
Hamilton, Indiana 46742-0331
email us
260-488-3304 Office
260-667-4330 Sewer Alarms



Board Members & Legal Descriptions of Districts

     Said Area 1 consists of Section 28, Township 36 North, range 14 East in Otsego Township, Steuben County, Indiana
    Area 1
    Board Member: Ronald W Smith
    Re-elect 2017

    Said Area 2 consists of Sections 31,32, and 33, Township 36 North, Range 14 East in Steuben County, Indiana,  excepting the Town of Hamilton     and Real property east of the Hamilton Lake Shoreline therefrom.
    Area 2
    Board Member: John J Dutton
    Re-elect 2016

    Said Area 3 consists of all real estate found within the Town of Hamilton, Indiana south of Bellefontaine Road and Sections 3 and 4, Township 35 North, Range 14 East of DeKalb County Indiana.
    Area 3
    Board Member: Don Renner ~ New
    Re-elect 2017

    Said Area 4 consists of all real estate found in the Town of Hamilton, North of the Bellefontaine Road extended and all real estate east of the shoreline of Hamilton Lake found in Sections 33, 34, and Section 27 in Steuben County, Indiana
    Area 4
    Board Member: Lloyd J Bartels
    Re-elect 2016

    Said  Area 5 consists of Sections 21 and 22 in Steuben County, Indiana.
    Area 5
    Board Member Jack E Bireley
    Re-elect 2014.


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Address: 7405 S. Wayne Street / Mail: PO Box 331, Hamilton, Indiana 46742-0331
email us  260-488-3304 Office;  260-667-4330 Sewer Alarm

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